Cycle Schemes

We are registered with a number of cycle schemes allowing for tax free savings via your employer. All you need is our shop code for the relevant scheme (along with our address details and bike details) to apply via your employer.

The Cycle Scheme

Perhaps the most widely recognized scheme.

Our shop code is JUSTM003

Find out more and calculate your savings here:

Bike 2 Work Scheme

The other major player is the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

Ond our shop code is BKS1301

Find out more here:

Cycle Plus & Salary Exchange


Due to the limited availability of some bikes please let us know if you wish to reserve one before applying. In general you have a £1000 limit when purchasing via these schemes (unless your employer has a credit licence) although we can look at taking over payments separately..

Sale bikes will incur a 10% cycle scheme fee (charged to us by the cycle shemes) - payable separately.