PYGA Industries

JMTB are proud to be a Pyga Bikes UK Stockist - Pyga are a South African company founded by Patrick Morewood, founder of Morewood bikes; and Mark Hopkins, of cSixx products and co-founder of Leatt. Both been heavily involved in mountain biking for years, with Patrick being a 3 x South African downhill champion!

They decided we wanted to make bikes that were competitive on the racetrack while still being super fun to bomb around on local trails. The suspension bikes are designed to pedal efficiently, be active, supple and integrate the technology that makes new-age bikes amazing to ride. They've kept the geometries a little more relaxed than most out there, so they retain a character of fun.

It’s a simple principle: look at the numbers, but listen to your gut.

These are not super-duper race machines, they are bikes that are designed to enjoy riding on any trail. They’re bikes that put smiles on people’s faces, even the racing snakes. With these being new to the UK you'd be sure to turn heads with a PYGA - something different!